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BerNiaga lagi jom - edisi Butang Baju Melayu

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Hai.. so we are back with the collection for men. Butang Baju Melayu. Stakat ni picture ade yang hak murah nyer (kalau mane-mane orang cakap murah tu maka asal nyer memang la dari CHINA). Ada juga yang KOREA punye tapi kalau kite tgk harga die akan antara RM 35 hingga RM 7

OK perbezaa barangan KOREA and CHINA. tak banyak dari segi patern memang dah nak hampir sama. tapi kalu kite tgk workmanship KOREA punye lagi halus n tahan. Plus KOREAN akan guna 80% kristal swarovski meanwhile some CHINA product will also use swarovski but the percentage are 10 to none. They prefer PLASTIC atau KACA yang pada awalnya memang shine macam KOREAN tapi lama-lama akan jadi a bit kusam.

Lagi satu kalau kite tengok material besi yang digunakan juga berbeza. CHINA akan guna yang a bit cheap punya so kalau yang kaler GOLD tu kan jadi a bit blackish macam bile kena peluh or perfume. meanwhile KOREAN punya tahan lagi eventhough ambil masa agak lama untuk bertukar warna. Tapi have to remember yang barang KOREA yang berwarna gold boleh bertukar jadi silver sebab gold tu cuma celup je.

TAPI kedua-dua punye drawback ialah ketahan batu untuk lekat pada besi tu. kalau KOREAN ke CHINA ke batu tanggal tu perkara biasa. some people will suggest that u use a transparent nail coat untuk disapukan keatas batu tadi sebagai a layer of protection.


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Celebrating the Graduates

i got a degree and a hubby.. huh!! how many people can say that.
me n my partner in crime (lin)
with the junior 1
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August has been the most chaotic/ buzy/ life changing/ roller coaster.. blaa blaaa blaa month for convocation was on the third day after my wedding!! he3.. i celebrate it in a different status.. with an additional member to the family...I AM VERY HAPPY!!!. HE3... cant be discribe...its more than word could say... its like flashes of images in my head.. painted with very bright colour and accompanied by cheerful musics... like in fairy tale i could say..

so let the pictures do its talking..

more picture will be upload ... he3 (from my cam pulak..)

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coming right up are the pictures of beautiful TIOMAN..... haven't got the time to transfer it yet...

Reminder: i am totally not a photographer type but i love to take pictures... things are so beautiful from the way i see it... armed with my KODAK 8.2 very seciput i will put up pictures from somebody else which i think nice.. he3.. apology

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Wedding Daze!!

after solemnization
in front of the solemnization hall, masjid wilayah
berinai nite with the parents and in-laws
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I just wanna share my wedding pictures. My official photographer are the ever so nice reflexattack people. They were.. hmm actually Cang was introduced to me by my senior Iz (which reminded me that i lupe nk blnje die karipap ikea for this .. hikhikhik). The reflexattack people are very easy to work with. Not to forget my ever so great Make up artist Iza Lyana (my friend since matriculation--> anyone interested can also contact me thru fotopages he3 )

The ceremony was a very simple and small one. Here i would like to thank everybody that came and to appologize to those that i unintentionally did not invite. Its been so chaotic and time flies.. well let me re-phrase that.. time passes by like the speed of light (yeah.. thats it..)

The solemnization ceremony was held on the 2nd of August 2008 evening at Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur. I wore a silver Modern kurung (tailor-made...lace material from Seri Kapas Damansara which were imported from Bandung),veil (Meena Jln TAR), tudung (Seri Kapas, Damansara),white swarovski silver bracelet with matching neclace and pendant (Hamidah, Aked Salihin Jln TAR-->my mum!! if anyone interested in small/medium/big brooches/accessories bussiness can leave a comment and i'll get back to u) and Nautini's strappy grey 3"++ heels. My hubby wore Johor style Melayu suit (his mum!!)

Then followed by 'Berinai night'. The theme is maroon color and the dress (including crown and veil)was from Seri Mawar (Pertama KL and Segambut). Heels from Nautini.

The next day was Qhatam Quran ceremony accompanied by Kumpulan Marhaban from Segambut (this one i dun kno how to contact he3 ). I wore a cotton Kurung dress from Seri Kapas and white swarovski silver brooch (Hamidah, Aked Salihin).

Then rushing to the next ceremony which is the reception which was held as my parents resident in Segambut. The supposedly brown and creme theme ended-up with cream-gold . I wore kebaya dress again lace material from Seri Kapas with matching tudung. The gold Veil from Meena's Jln TAR. Crown from Seri Mawar. 3++" Gold beaded stilettoes by NYC. Extremely big three pieces brooch from Hamidah, Jln TAR.

to be continued

pictures coming right up

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start fotopaging

newbies in the picture will increase in age in tym
it's kinda funny to start my own fotopage when i've been checking out other people fotopages for ages. see my mum who triggers me to start this fotopaging because she wanted me to venture into on-line bussiness. so here goes nothing!!

nonetheless, this fotopages will not be only for bussiness but also for my 'main-main' field he3..

do check out for latest entry and participate.

don't know why i choose the picture of naufal as my first but i like this a lot.


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